Department of Chinese

Education Goals

Our school develops talents for teaching in junior and senior high schools and also stresses scholarly research. Other than the major goal in fostering competent Chinese teachers for junior and senior high schools, we place our emphasis on the research of and the continuance of Chinese culture. To obtain our goals, the following are what we seek to reach:

  1. Learning the core of the national culture to enhance the ethnic spirit.
  2. Fostering an appreciation for classical Chinese and developing the ability to analyze and write in classical Chinese.
  3. Fostering an appreciation for modern literature and developing the ability to analyze and create literature.
  4. Fostering the basic ability in studying Chinese and enhance teaching skills.
  5. Developing the professional knowledge and teaching skills necessary for junior and senior high school teachers in Chinese in order to foster sufficient teaching talents.
  6. Develop personnel to research, appreciate and disseminate Taiwanese culture.
  7. Develop personnel talented in writing, editing, interviewing, publishing, creative cultural industries and Chinese teaching.
  8. Develop international personnel talented in researching and teaching Chinese.

Different Aspects of Future Developments:

  1. Combining tradition and literature with modern culture and technology;
  2. Enhancing students’ ability in teaching Chinese to foster qualified talents;
  3. Opening professional courses to train persons wishing to have a second profession;
  4. Participating actively in the counseling and expansion of overseas Chinese education;
  5. Promoting studies in sinology, connecting with the world and enhancing international interactions.


Established in 1946, the department first had only one class (four years plus another year as intern).In 1959, the department added a second class, in 1961 a third class, and in 1971, a fourth class. Currently there are 4 classes.

The graduate school was established in 1956.Initially there were five students in the master’s program and the number steadily increased. In 1957, the Ph.D. program was established. After four years, the first Ph. D. student Mr. Jintang Luo received his Ph.D. degree in literature. He was the first Ph.D. in literature fostered for the nation.

In 1991, the Chinese department combined with the Graduate School of Chinese and operated under one director. The current director is Mr. YEN, Jui-Fang.

Teachers and academe field

There are 16 professors and 18 associate professors and other professors, making up a strong staff. The professors specialize in the following areas: Confucian classics, historiography, philosophy, literature, linguistics and Chinese etymology, and Chinese teaching. Please see the Chinese version for more detail.


  • Professor
    • KAO, Chiu-Feng
    • YEN,Jui-Fang
    • WANG, Kai-Fuu
    • CHEN, Li-Kuei
    • TSAI, Chung-Yang
    • HSU, Chun-Ya
    • PAN, Li-Chu
    • TSAI, Meng-Chen、WU, Sheng-Shiung
    • LAI, Kuei-San
    • WANG, Chi-Lun
    • CHEN, Fang
    • LIN, Su-Ying
    • WANG, Jin-Hui
    • LIN, Pao-Chung
    • CHENG, Yuan-Lin
    • HUANG, Ming-Li
    • HSIEH, Tsung-Hui
    • CHIANG, Shu-Chun
    • CHEN, Liao-An
    • HU, Yan-Nan
    • CHIN, Pei-Yi
    • Chung, Chung-Hsien

  • Associate Professor
    • CHI, Ting-Ting
    • YANG, Ju-Hsue
    • LI, Ching-Yuan
    •  FAN, Yi-Ju
    • HUANG, Ying-Nuan
    • LEE, Hsing-Ling
    • SHIH, Hsiao-Feng
    • LIN, Jia-Rong
    • WU, Chin-Wei
    • CHENG, Tsan-Shan
    • LI, Chi-Hung
    • HSU, Kuo-Neng
    • LO, Fan-Chen
    • LIN, Xiang-Wei
    • CHEN, I-Chih

  • Assistant Professor
    • LIN, Ming-Chao
    • HUANG, Li-Chuan
    • HSU, Hua-Feng
    • CHEN,Shi-Ru
    • LIU,Tsang-Long
    • KUO,Wei-Ju
    • Xiang-Yu Zhu

  • Lecturer
    • WANG, Wen-Chi
    • LIN, Shu-Yun
    • KUO, Nai-Chen
    • SHEN, Wei-Hwa
    • WANG, Chi-Hsi

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