Graduate Institute of Taiwan History


Graduate Institute of TaiwanHistory is established on August 1, 2004 and Professor Chen-hua Wen is our Chairman. Our institute has nine Part-time Professors now. Our orientation emphasizes on the Martine History, History of Taiwan District, History of Taiwan Culture, Paleo-history and History of Taiwan Industries and Technology, etc. All these five topics cultivate students’ understanding on the development of Taiwan. On the research method, we emphasize on the historical theory, literature, historical material, as well as the fieldwork.


  • Associate Professor
    • Fan Yen-chiou 
    • Chang Su-bing
    • Chen Fupian
    • Hsu Peih-sien
    • Tsai Chin-tang

Course design

The total credits required to graduate from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan History is 30, including the 4 credits from the required course. The graduation dissertation has no credit.

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